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CosmoHub OldTown: Modern, Spacious & Inspiring Coworking Space in Sarajevo, Tailored Just for You

CosmoHub OldTown coworking space is the modern workspace offering all the infrastructure for your business growth.

“One of the most modern coworking spaces in the old town to relax and work from!”

Mehdi Rashadatjou

Software Engineer

Coworking Space
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Coworker at a coworking space in Sarajevo.

Dynamic Coworking Space Designed for Modern Professionals

Thrive in a space where creativity and collaboration take center stage. Our coworking environment is designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teams looking for an engaging place to connect, create, and grow.

Coworking space


Welcome to Old Town Coworking, a place where creativity, innovation, and productivity meet across 100 square meters. Our space is designed to inspire and foster collaboration among diverse generations – from students to seasoned professionals.

In addition to being a coworking space, Old Town Coworking also serves as an event space, enabling our members to connect, learn, and grow together. We host a variety of events, from workshops to networking events, to encourage collaboration and innovation.

Our mission is to create a dynamic environment that fosters productivity and creativity. Join us and experience a work atmosphere that is unique.

Event Space


Old Town Coworking Space is not just a space – it’s a community. Our mission is to create an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and collaboration. Our space spans 100 square meters, providing ample room for work, collaboration, and creation.

Old Town Coworking Space is open to all generations. Whether you’re a student looking for a study spot, a professional seeking an alternative to the traditional office, or an entrepreneur in need of a meeting place, our space is right for you.

In addition to being a coworking space, Old Town Coworking Space also serves as an event space. We host a variety of events that enable our members to connect, learn, and grow together. From workshops to networking events, our goal is to foster collaboration and innovation.

Our vision is for Old Town Coworking Space to become a hub for innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Join us and experience a work atmosphere that is unique.

Features of joining CosmoHub OldTown

Understand why businesses trust us for IT strategy – our expertise, customized solutions, and proactive support are pillars of your success.
High Speed Wireless

Fast WiFi connection and a secure network are guarantees that you will have no obstacles doing your work.

Be flexible

Enjoy the freedom of having space whenever you need it. CosmoHub offers 9/23 access.


Connect with peers who share your drive and ambition. Attend our networking events and workshops to boost your business journey

Community events

Allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of CosmoHub's state-of-art infrastructure.


Empowering Collaboration: Where Ideas Flourish and Connections Thrive

Flexible Desks

Flex Desk for Your Ultimate Productivity in Coworking Space

Pay only for what you need

Discover the right option for you at CosmoHub OldTown Coworking Space, where great minds come together.

Flex 5


Per user/month VAT Included

If you need coworking space to work on your project or to organize meetings with clients.

Flex 10


Per user/month VAT Included



Per user/month VAT Included

Enjoy all the benefits of our services, content, and space on a daily basis at an affordable price.

Student Daily


Per user/month VAT Included



Per user/month VAT Included

Experience all the perks of our services, content, and space every day at a wallet-friendly rate.

Student Monthly


Per user/month VAT Included

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